Collaborative Cafeteria Mural 2019

"Living as One" collaborative mural created at Corkran Middle School with Ms. Drummond’s 6th gr. art students. 16’x5’ cafeteria mural is displayed in a place of sharing and community.

“Imagine the World Living as One” embodies the school system motto, 'We Are Better Together' Mrs. Schwer, Corkran literacy coach: “When art meets people where they are, magical things can happen! Even better: art has the power to heal people... It is my hope ... that our students will “see” themselves in this mural, feel a sense of belonging, and know they make a difference at Corkran Middle School.” 

Special thank you to The Arts Council of Anne Arundel County and Corkran's Student Council  "Living as One" 16' x 5' - Acrylic on Celtec PVC panels © Gayle Mangan Kassal